Auld Alliance Scottish Ceilidhs

The Auld Alliance is a three-piece band from the Midlands, providing Scottish ceilidh dances for weddings, birthday parties and corporate events, as well as the genuine traditional Scottish dance repertoire for the experts when asked. The line-up is usually accordion, keyboard and fiddle or flute, and for the ceilidhs we normally also bring a caller along, to explain the dance steps to you.


Band Biography

Each member of the band is a very experienced musician in their own right, having played, individually and together, at most of England's premier dance venues. We have appeared many times at the major dance festivals which run each summer (Sidmouth, Whitby, Broadstairs, Chippenham, Eastbourne, Lichfield, etc) as well as at the national centre for traditional dance in London, and for many dance clubs and enthusiast groups. At a more down-to-earth level we have provided enjoyable social entertainment at hundreds of weddings and similar celebrations.

But we are not just musicians. Our enthusiasm for dance music stems from the many happy hours we have spent as dancers - listening to earlier generations of musicians, learning what's good and how it's done.



Our bookcase is weighed down with a collection of several thousand tunes and many hundred dances, and we are very happy to advise on the choice of dances if you so wish. Alternatively we will try to incorporate your own favourite dance within the programme if possible.

At weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations our most popular dances include 'The Gay Gordons', 'Strip the Willow', 'Dashing White Sergeant' and 'St.Bernard's Waltz'. Here's a short sample of our version of Dashing White Sergeant (click on the link to hear the music) - and here's one of our favourite jigs Pines .


Confirming a Date with Us

To make a booking  with 'The Auld Alliance' you should email us at:-   

or call us on 01527 65483 to discuss the details and check our availability. We do not ask for a deposit, but will send you a booking form to complete and return, which confirms all the details as agreed.