Cadenza  ceilidhs and barn dances                    Frequently Asked Questions


What sorts of event are ceilidhs and barn dances suitable for? Ceilidhs and barn dances use traditional music and dance figures, getting everyone to share in the fun together on the dance floor. So they work well at birthday parties, weddings, PTA events, church socials, corporate team-building sessions, etc.


Who are they suitable for? We welcome everyone to our dances - the children, their parents and their grannys and grandads. The caller selects the dances to suit whoever's present, and the band will set the sound levels so that those who can't dance can still talk to their neighbours comfortably - without using a megaphone. 


Do you have to be an experienced dancer? Absolutely not! Our callers are highly skilled at encouraging absolute beginners, and will teach the steps using simple every-day terms before the music for each dance starts. The steps are then repeated in-time with the music, so you don't have to remember them - just listen to the call and it'll be fine.


How long does the dance run for? We can adapt to your schedule for the evening. We suggest that you limit it to around 3 hours overall, so as not to tire out your guests too much - you may find it more energetic than you were expecting!  A common timing plan is 8 - 11pm.


What about a break for refreshments? We suggest there should be a break in the dancing even if there's no refreshments to be served. If there are refreshments, the break is usually a good time for them.


What do you provide? We come equipped with full amplification, microphones, instruments, music. You're welcome to use the microphone for any announcements you may have, running the raffle, etc.

We have pre-recorded music which we can play on request before the dancing starts and during any intervals.

To safeguard you, your guests and the event as a whole, we have Public Liability Insurance, PAT (electrical safety) tested  equipment, Sat-Nav guidance to the venue and mobile phone communication between band and caller.

The two musicians are themselves very experienced dancers, and will sometimes work with the caller to demonstrate a particular dance figure.







What must I provide? Lots of guests to share in the fun. A hall - with provision for a bar if you think that's appropriate. Arrangements for refreshments if they're to be provided.

We'll need a few chairs, a single electric socket and a space to work - on the stage if it's available. Oh - and a couple of car-park spaces not too far away - we've some heavy equipment to carry.